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Japanese Woodblock Prints


Part of the Via Family Japanese Art Collection.

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Mount Fuji from Mizukubo
From the appraisal document: Mt. Fuji dramatically placed behind a village named Mizukubo.

Naga Beach, Mito
From the appraisal document: Mt. Fuji is the most prominent feature in the upper area with lower mountains in the mid region and an expansive waterway with unattended boats in the foreground. [Alt. titles: Nagahama, Mito; Mito Beach]

Evening at Sōemon-chō, Osaka: from the series Collection of Scenic Views of Japan II
From the appraisal document: This night scene depicts figures in the mid-ground as well as lanterns on the balconies.

Kasuga Shrine, Nara: from the series of scenic views of Japan, Kansai
From the appraisal document: A bold architectural statement conveying the importance of the Kasuga Grand Shrine with two figures in the foreground and large old trees to the left.

Kinokuni Slope
From the appraisal document: A bold pine tree dominates the print with a subtle blue-green landscape in the foreground including two figures. According to the text on the lower left corner, this was done in 1941.

[One Women and Two Children on Snowy Shoreline]
From the appraisal document: Left-hand panel of the triptych illustrating a woman and two children on the shoreline with waterway and mountains in the background. A flying stork is seen in this panel. The colors are vivid in blue and red with rich…

[Woman and Child in Snow]
From the appraisal document: Central panel of triptych illustrating a woman and child in elegant costumes against the same backdrop of water and mountains with a flying stork above. A cartouche describing this mythical scene is in the upper right…

[Two Males in Ornate Costumes in Snow]
From the appraisal document: Right-hand panel of the triptych depicting a very traditional scene of two males in ornate costumes adjacent to a boat pulled out of the water. The colors are vivid in blue and red with rich deep coloring for the…

Twilight Snow at Hiro (Hira bosetsu), from the series Eight Views of Omi (Omi hakkei no uchi)
From the appraisal document: Children making a snowball on the beach, observed by women and men. Two storks in flight over Lake Biwa, Shiga Perfecture with Hira Mountains in the background.

Title from Museum of Fine Arts - Boston;…

[Samurai Warrior]
From the appraisal document: Samurai warrior holding his sword with cherry blossoms above his head. The subject is brilliantly costumed in bright red and blue fabrics and the background is in midnight blue. Two panels of calligraphy are observed at…
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